Shanti Laser Centre

Facial Skin Treatment

Whatever your age, don’t let sun damage and passing years dictate the tone and texture of your skin. Take control of your skin with an Elite® laser facial skin treatment.

Laser Hair Removal

Shanti Wellness Centre uses the most advanced laser to provide effective laser hair removal for all skin types and most body locations. We can help you to get at the root of the problem with an Elite® laser hair removal treatment.

Leg Veins

Removes leg veins and helps you get back to wearing shorts and bathing suits again

Smoking Cessation Therapy

Laser stimulation simulates the calming effect of nicotine on the body to alleviate the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that are often experienced when quitting smoking. Let us help you quit!

Welcome to Shanti Laser Centre!

A division of Shanti Wellness Centre Inc

As the only medical grade laser centre, Shanti Wellness Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art lasers and highly trained laser technicians to provide effective and results-driven hair removal for all types of skin and hair.

For enhanced patient comfort, our laser uses a flow of compressed cool air to the treatment area. We are a full service wellness centre offering a holistic approach, because that is how transformation and healing occur.

We offer medical grade laser services specializing in effective treatments for unwanted hair, vascular lesions such as vein reduction, epidural pigmented lesions, and photoaging.

Get to the root of unwanted hair and schedule your consultation for Laser Hair Removal.

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Mode of Payment

We also offer convenient payment plan options.  See Shanti Laser Centre for full details.


Client Testimonials

A lot of our customers that choose for our treatments are more than happy. Below you can read a couple testimonials that we received last month.
"In November of 2014 I was the recipient of a laser hair removal savings voucher that Shanti Wellness Centre had donated to a local community event.  I decided to “Go for It”, use the coupon and get my bikini line done.Once I met with Zaheen and the Shanti office staff, I was put at ease.  The staff is very professional and the appointments have been quick and discreet.  I am very happy with the results and would recommend it to anyone."
D. DeBlois
Laser Hair Removal