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Laser Hair Removal


Laser hair removal offers several benefits over methods like shaving and electrolysis:

  • Large areas can be treated at one time
  • Fast
  • No downtime
  • Safe
  • Few side effects
  • Most parts of the body are treatable

Why Choose Shanti Laser Centre?

Our laser system is purchased from the leader in aesthetic laser – Cynosure. This system is used by medical doctors because it is so effective and the Elite laser system is a medical grade system and our clients have been extremely happy with the results. We have a superior product.

How do I schedule a consultation for the laser hair removal program?

To schedule a consultation for Shanti's hair removal program, simply call 780-352-0945 and on of our representatives will look after you. Call now and schedule a consultation and treatment to begin your smooth, shaving-free, hairless skin.


Unlike temporary hair removal methods, once an actively growing hair follicle is successfully treated with the laser, it will never grow again. The laser treatment targets actively growing follicles for permanent hair reduction. During each session, the laser will be passed over the treatment area and a highly concentrated beam of light will be emitted which will penetrate through the outer layers of skin and down to the hair follicles below where it is attracted to and absorbed by the melanin (color) in the hair follicles.

Once absorbed by the hair follicles, the light energy transfers to heat, which works to coagulate (curdle) the follicle and cuts off the blood supply, rendering the hair inactive. When effectively treated, the hair will cease to grow back. Utilizing the Elite laser from Cynosure, we are able to use two different wavelengths of laser light. This allows us to treat all skin types including tanned skin. There is no need to discontinue treatments during the summer months.

How many treatments do I need?

The average is 6 treatments and you will see 50 to 80% hair reduction. This resistant hair, that has been resistant to three or four wavelengths of light and multiple treatments, will generally be fine, wispy, less coarse, lighter and all the hairs will be synchronized into the same growth cycle with a prolongation of the sleeping phase, or telogen phase. Thus, many Shanti laser hair removal program patients join the Shanti's hair removal club. These are patients who have completed the Shanti's six-treatment laser hair removal package can then come back anytime when there is regrowth of resistant hair for a low-cost, fast laser removal, which will again provide a prolonged sleeping (telogen) phase of months in duration.
What is the average cost?

Our prices are outlined below as a per treatment session. However, if you purchase 6 treatments for any area, you will receive 10% off. For example, laser hair removal for the lip and chin area cost $100 per treatment. Six treatments will only cost $480, therefore, you save $120!

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